Single Password Management - HKMU Student
Eligible for Distance Learning, Full-time, eLearning and LiPACE students

To facilitate the management of your password more securely, the password management mechanism has been enhanced to include a secret question and answer component. You are now required to setup a secret question and answer while using Activate Password. Subsequently, you can view or update your secret question and answer using View/Update Secret Question and Answer.  You can change current password using Change Password. Or, if you forget your current password, you can reset a new password using the Forget Password.  Moreover, you may also use Synchronize Password to update your Single Password to all-related services again if you find password problem on some services. 

Please choose your action below:
Activate Password
If you are new student or existing student who did not set the secret question and answer, you need to activate your password together with a secret question and answer

Forget Password
If you forgot current password, you can reset a new password by providing your secret answer.

Help Desk
If you forgot both your current password and secret answer, you may call our Technical Hotline for assistance
Change Password
If you want to change your current password

Synchronize Password
Depending on your account availability, your Single Password may not be able to update to some services. You can synchronize the current password to all-related systems again at later time.

View/Update Secret Question and Answer
If you want to set a new secret question and answer

If you have problem using the above functions, you can call our Technical Hotline at 2711-2100 or email to